Killer Carrots from Outer Space

Some say that they’re just naturally occurring growth variances.  Some say it’s due to strange soil conditions or soil contaminates.  Some say…that they are aliens, hell bent on world domination, secretly building an army in the gardens of the country.  Some have gone as far as to say that these strange findings are actually – Killer Carrots from outer space.

Killer Carrots - Food Fun

One found hiding in the garden

We’ve pulled together just some of the images found of these strange and twisted veget….. ahum, ‘creatures’.  Have a look, have a really good look, and let us know what you think!

Baby Carrot from outer space

Baby Carrot from outer space relaxing on the sofa

If you have any evidence of this strange phenomenon, let us know; send some pictures and we’ll be happy to post them online for the world to see, and let them know that we know they are here.

Our advice to you is to put all carrots you have to good use.  Don’t use them as nothing more than a flash of colour on the side of your dinner plate.  These highly versatile vegetables can be incorporated and used in hundreds of ways.

Carrot foot

One that left a foof behind in its bid to escape : Photo by Larry Krause

Watch this space and we’ll bring you some carrot ideas over the coming weeks.

carrot - food fun

One of the mean looking ones : Picture by Solent News and Photo Agency

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