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Winter Garden Food Highlights

Garden furniture is being put under cover or stored away, the lawn mower has just a few more cuts before that too goes in to hibernation for the approaching winter months. So is the garden now out of bounds until … Continue reading

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Killer Carrots from Outer Space

Some say that they’re just naturally occurring growth variances.  Some say it’s due to strange soil conditions or soil contaminates.  Some say…that they are aliens, hell bent on world domination, secretly building an army in the gardens of the country. … Continue reading

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The Joys of Home Grown Food

When talking about home grown food, many people assume that a home vegetable patch involves turning over dozens of square meters of garden space and continual back breaking work throughout the year come rain or shine. In reality, a home … Continue reading

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Trying New Variations of an Old Favourite

You often you hear the term, ‘if it’s not broken, don’t fix it’. This is probably good advice in many things but in cooking, some of the best tasting recipes have come from variation and experimentation of well established dishes. … Continue reading

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Welcome To The Art Of Food

This is only the start of something beautiful… Be sure to bookmark us, as we’ll be expanding constantly and will ask for you…yes, you…to contribute! Welcome!

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